Slumber Pawties at Tails are designed to provide your pet with a BALANCED EXPERIENCE.

A structured daily routine of exercise and enriching activities for all guests provides several levels of stimulation to ensure energy is burned at a healthy rate.

Cozy comforts in zen environments with soothing music throughout promote adequate rest to recuperate from a day of fun and learning.

Our environment is dedicated to the health and wellness of the pets in our care. Daily meal and Elimination tracking along with twice daily 5 point physical exams keep us in the know of how each guest is doing!

Head to our webcam page to peek in on your pup or request a fun report for a more complete update!



 DOGS      $80/night

CATS        $50/night


• Daily Routine of structured activities and rest
• Daily 5 point inspections, intake and elimination tracking
• Up to three medications administered with meals
• Essence-infused twilight rubdown
• Mattress bed with cozy fleece blanket 
• 24 hour supervision
• Healthy Tails Warranty
• Military, Senior, and extended-stay discounts

*Please note – dogs are placed based on comfort and activity levels, not simply size.

Click on the Boosts Tab to learn about personalizing your pets experience, or see what other services we offer HERE.

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 You know what makes them happy add a treat, fun activity or personlized time  with one of our stay BOOSTS!

Activity Boosts:

Pet Success Planning- (pricing varies)
The Pet Success plan is a more focused and individual offering. Customized interactions for dogs that need guidance to overcome social insecurities or negative responses to different circumstances. A personal daily schedule is created to meet their needs and encourage balance by focusing on areas specific to your dog’s confidence levels.

Fit and Fun Stay – $15.00 per day
For dogs with a bit more energy, a customized stay to help stimulate the mind and burn energy outside of our daily routine

Neighborhood Walk – $12.50
Enjoy a brisk 15-20 min evening or morning walk around our neighborhood.

Tail End Spruce Up –(pricing varies)
End-of-day spritzing and blow dry. Starts at $4 based on your dogs size.

Proper Tails Training – (pricing varies)
Please inquire for pricing with our on staff certified trainer. 

Birthday Pawties
Celebrate their special day! Please contact customer service for details.


Comfort & Treat Boosts:

Fun Report & Health Update – $2.50
Greetings twin your dog to update you during his stay

Gourmet Treat – $2.50
Homemade delicacies for even the most finicky!
(please indicate any allergies)

Gravy Meal Topper – $2.50
Nutrient dense homemade gravy monthly flavors available to take home. Recipes specific for a dogs health

Hot Meal Boost/Complete Meal – $2.50/$4.50
Delicious meal made in House – comfort food! Add a fresh hot portion to kibble or enjoy as a meal

Lickety Split Mat – $2.50
Lickmat with a fruit and yogurt spread

Pupcicle- $4.00
Refreshing ice pop just for dogs flavors vary

Pacifier for Nap Time – $2.50
Kong stuffed with goodies to make nap time fabulous!

Premium Bedding – $4.00
Upgrade to an elevated bed, burrow bed or orthopedic for a great nights rest

Relaxing Rub Down – $2.50
One on one light massage ifnfused with calming dog friendly essential oils

Teeth Brushing- $2.50
Keep your dogs teeth pearly white

Tuck In & Story – $2.50
Intimate down time with soothing human interaction



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Rest assured that you pet will be cared for by the best staff on the island. Our team benefits from:

• Continuing education programs for staff through the Knowing Dogs Courses
• PACCC certifications for store supervisors and upper management (see paccc.org)
• Enhanced staff incentives, Staff Success Plans and pay reinforced rating systems to ensure each team member is coached and acknowledged for their achievements
• Management CPR Instructor certification
• CPR certification for all shift leads, store supervisors, and overnight staff to ensure all shifts include CPR prepared staff

Exclusive care is available for dogs with special needs. Extra comforts and personalized interactions are pre-planned to ensure a next to home experience. Guests may be placed in Custom Care for the following reasons:

• Female in heat
• High anxiety
• Fear-based handling issues
• Limited mobility
• Injury or recent surgery
• Excessive or complicated medication/feeding schedule
• Needs assistance with daily intake or elimination

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